Did you know that 9 out of 10 Legionella-outbreaks are caused by problems that could have been prevented with effective water treatment?* Also, according to the CDC, 75% of the measured Legionella breakouts occur in drinking water installations.*

Every year, thousands of people come into contact with the water from your drinkwater installation. The solution you choose in Legionella prevention must be powerful enough to work across the building’s entire potable water network. Protect your people, go for the highest quality and lower your costs by proactively dealing with Legionella prevention.

ATECA is active in more than 15 countries, with a strong distribution and knowledge network through Europe and the Middle East. You will find our innovative ionisation water treatment systems in hospitals, hotels, B&B’s, senior homes, super yachts, offshore, marinas, villas, residential, shopping malls, offices and in the food-industry. ATECA provides customers with suitable solutions in Legionella prevention and helps to improve guest-satisfaction, while providing a safe and clean environment.

* Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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