Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy for Visitors applies to anyone visiting the website

Art. I Management
The website is managed by ATECA International B.V.
Contact details can be found on the aforementioned website.

Art. II Information of visitors
2a. Certain data from one or more visits to may be permanently stored, but anonymously. The data will never be traced back to an individual or organization.

2b. ATECA International B.V. ensures proper security of the stored data.

Art. III Cookies
3a. ATECA International B.V. uses functional cookies to optimize the functionality of certain pages of the website. Cookies are small text files placed on the visitor’s computer by a website page. A cookie contains anonymous stored information such as certain preferences of the visitor. This allows ATECA International B.V. to provide better services for future website visits (Such as, but not limited to, checked domain names are preserved, or the contents of an inquiry). Therefore, you will not be asked to reenter similar information for future website visits. This allows for a more user-friendly online experience.

3b. The visitor can decide how to deal with cookies. He or she can change the setting of his browser to allow, not allow, or partially allow the use of functional cookies. In the latter, the visitor can indicate which websites are permitted to place functional cookies. All other websites will be banned. This option is provided by all common browsers.

3c. Cookies can always be removed from a computer via the browser.

3d. ATECA International B.V. also applies cookies to create marketing communications, on its own site and partner sites, that are more personalized and aligned with the online needs of the individual customer.

3e. ATECA International B.V. uses cookies, which are not based on the web-surfing habits of individuals but of large numbers of anonymous visitors. These are processed into Google Analytics graphs and patterns to help us improve and optimize our websites.

Art. IV Questions
Visitors can ask questions about this Privacy Policy by contacting ATECA International B.V.
Contact information can be found on the website referred to in Article 1 of this Privacy Policy.

Art. V Disclaimer
ATECA International B.V. is entitled to change the content of the Privacy Policy without informing the visitor. The implementation of changes on the website in this Policy is sufficient. The Privacy Policy for Customers complements the Privacy Policy for Visitors and applies to everyone who makes a request for information or contacts ATECA International B.V.

Art. I Information provided by the customer
ATECA International B.V. is allowed to use the provided consumer data for the following purposes:

1a. Processing a request for information, product, or service.

1b. Sending one or more messages that relate to the order. Such as, but not limited to, an email in which login information is listed.

1c. Occasionally bringing the customer to the attention of new information, services or products; by which ATECA International B.V. thinks it can contribute to a more successful website for the customer.

Art. II Data provided to third parties
Data provided by the customer to ATECA International B.V. will never be disclosed to third parties.

Art. III Security
The data that the customer provides to ATECA International B.V., is stored in a secured location.

Art. IV Adaptation of customer data
The customer always has the possibility to modify the provided data. ATECA International B.V. may ask the customer in such cases to do so in a prescribed manner.