Our commitment is certified

A selection of our certificates

KIWA Certificate

KIWA certification

KIWA states: Our certificates and reports offer reliable, objective, and internationally recognised evidence that you comply with all quality norms. Moreover, they provide the organisations with a lasting quality incentive. Government institutions recognise Kiwa certificates and reports as reliable proof that this company complies with European laws and regulations.

ECHA Certificate

ECHA 95list

The ECHA states: Het Europees Agentschap voor chemische stoffen (ECHA) is de drijvende kracht achter de regelgevingsinstanties bij de tenuitvoerlegging van de baanbrekende EU-wetgeving inzake chemische stoffen, die niet alleen ten goede komt aan de volksgezondheid en het milieu, maar ook aan innovatie en het concurrentievermogen.

HSE Certificate

The HSE states: At the Health and Safety Executive, we believe everyone has the right to come home safe and well from their job.  That’s why our mission is to prevent work-related death, injury, and ill health.

We are proud of the support we provide to businesses – through free guidance and advice. By giving employers the confidence to manage risks correctly, we boost productivity, support the economy, and contribute to a fairer society.

HSE, ICA system authorisation UK

Ctgb Certificate

Ctgb Approval ICA-system

The Ctgb states: It is therefore the task of the Ctgb to assess the possible risks to humans, animals, and the environment. The Ctgb assesses these on various aspects. We look at the efficacy – ie whether the product does what it promises – at the effects on the environment, the effects on humans (toxicology), and the physical chemical properties. We base this on the properties of the substance, such as its toxicity, the rate of degradation in the environment, and the like. Based on these properties and based on the exposure to the substance during normal use, we calculate whether the product is safe to use. We calculate the exposure of the user (the person who applies the product), but also of the accidental bystander and the consumer (for example from food or from preserved wood). So if the risks are acceptable when used according to the regulations, the Ctgb decides to allow a drug.

WRAS Certificate

The WRAS states: WRAS, the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, supports water companies in their role to supply safe, resilient water supplies in the UK.  By promoting the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws1, we protect public health by helping to keep water safe in premises, so it is always safe to drink and never wasted.

We work closely with 26 water companies across the UK. Our work supports their targets to safeguard drinking water quality, reduce leakage, encourage water efficiency, support developers with new connections, and deliver excellent customer service.

wras certificate pending