Ateca reveals the ICA System is being used by Abu Dhabi Clean Technology Investment for its Masdar City project

Masdar City is on a journey to become the world’s most sustainable eco-city. Part of their remit is to dramatically reduce water waste. Something the ICA System is perfectly adapted to support.

Why they chose the ICA system? Mark Engelenburg, CEO ATECA: The ICA system fits into the ‘modern clean tech’ approach that the Masdar City project is aiming for with benefits as it’s chemical free and reduces waste, water and energy.”

Innovative antibacterial system
ICA is an innovative antibacterial system. ATECA’s ICA Ionisation water treatment system successfully eliminates bacteria like Legionella and E-coli from water. It’s a precision controlled process based on the ionisation of copper and silver. Over the past 15 years, the system has provided safe water at more than 400 locations worldwide. Unique to the ICA-system is the ICA-ServiceLink, which continuously monitors the vital processes in the ICA-system. It gives both ATECA and the customer a great insight into the operation of the system at all times.

The ICA system has many benefits. The ICA-System will also save Masdar City valuable time and frustration as contaminations, excessive flushing, thermal and chemical eradication are a thing of the past.

To assist them even further, Ateca offer a ICA-ServiceLink, which gives Masdar City 24/7 insights into the operation of their ICA- system. It all adds up to multiple benefits including savings in water, energy and in turn, financial benefits.

And finally, ATECA has now delivered 21 ICA systems within the GCC. A region where safe drinking water is a most important and pressing need.

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