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Water Treatment with Copper & Silver
How does it work?

Copper silver ionisation is a water treatment method that removes bacteria based on the purifying effect of copper and silver ions. These ions control growth and disarm harmful bacteria in drinking water installations, such as Pseudomonas, Legionella, and E. coli.
The 3 step water treatment process of copper silver ionisation is described below.

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Technical insights of Water Treatment with Copper and Silver.

Copper Silver Ionisation
Is it a safe water treatment method?

Yes, it is a safe water treatment method. The ICA system and its copper silver ionisation technology have been extensively researched and comply with all strict requirements. Click on the tabs below to read more about the safety and proven track record of ATECA and the ICA system.

Technology developed by NASA

Copper and silver have been used since antiquity for their antibacterial and antiviral properties. In the 1960s, NASA used these properties to develop the copper silver ionization technology. It was safer than chlorine and a corrosion-free method to purify water in spacecrafts.

First in the Netherlands

After NASA, organizations were granted permission to use copper silver ionization for water treatment. ATECA was the first to manufacture and distribute this technology in the Netherlands. Our product is the ICA System, which stands for Ionization Cu Ag.

International affairs

In 2007, ATECA went international. Today, the ICA System can be found in 15 countries. We collaborate with 19 partners , such as suppliers, consultancy agencies, and international distributors. At ATECA, we are convinced that smooth collaboration contributes to combating harmful bacteria worldwide.

International Industries

We are active in a variety of industries, from hospitals to hotels and prisons to Super Yachts. Click here to view the complete list of international industries. The usage of copper silver ionization is dependent on national legislation. Contact us to find out if the ICA System can be applied in your industry and country.

ICA System at 700+ Locations Worldwide


The ICA system has been extensively researched and complies with all strict requirements of the Ctgb, KIWA, and HSE. This means that the ICA System is safe for people and the environment and effective in bacterial control and prevention.

Additionally, ATECA is an authorized ECHA Article 95 list supplier of copper and silver electrodes. We utilize the highest quality of 99.9% Copper and 99.99% Fine Silver.

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Approved by World Health Organization

The ICA System stays well-below the guideline of the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO provided the guideline that silver concentrations up to 0.1 mg / liter (100 ppb) drinking water pose no health risks. The ICA System doses only a small amount or 0.02 to 0.04 mg / liter (20-40 ppb) silver in drinking water.
Moreover, a total lifetime intake or 10 g of silver is considered to be the human no-observed-adverse-effect level (NOAEL). Drinking purified water or the ICA System for over 70 years would only lead to 1 or 2 g of silver. This can be considered as negligible.

ICA ServiceLink

The ICA System is equipped with a unique online dashboard, the ICA ServiceLink. The ICA ServiceLink continuously monitors the live functioning of the ICA System. It contains all the necessary information and documents in one place. The ATECA Water Experts monitor operations and send notifications when service is required. Thereby, we can guarantee a smooth ionization process and safe operations or your ICA System.

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