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The ICA system is a copper silver ionization system. It is known for its safety and reliability. In the past 17 years, the ICA system has been installed at more than 600 locations with a Legionella safe result. The ICA system successfully removes Legionella and other waterborne pathogens from your drinking water and dissolves the biofilm in your pipework. Additionally, ATECA provides a reliable service in which transparency is paramount. Our ICA product range consists of a number of different ICA systems:

The ICA system is equipped with a unique management system, the ICA ServiceLink

The strength of the ICA system lies in its management and monitoring. That is why the ICA system is equipped with a unique management system, the ICA ServiceLink. The ICA ServiceLink continuously monitors the functioning of the ICA system. With this platform, you can always access online logbooks, water analyses, and service reports. Click right or left on the image to view the platform. The main benefits of the ICA ServiceLink are:

  • Guaranteeing a smooth ionization process and safe operations of the ICA system;

  • A clear overview of all important information on the dashboard display;

  • Specific and frequent communication with our customer;

  • Reports are available in a safe and quick manner.

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“Over the past 17 years, the ICA system has provided long lasting Legionella safe environments at more than 600 locations worldwide.”

The technique of copper silver ionization

The ICA system is based on the purifying effect of copper and silver ionization. Ionization takes place with the aid of copper and silver electrodes. Released copper and silver ions are transported through the water in very low concentrations and will do their work in the entire drinking water installation. When the copper has attacked the cell membrane of the bacterium, the silver can adhere to the cell nucleus and stop the bacterial growth. Silver is the only noble metal that contains antibacterial properties. Due to the constant presence of copper and silver, the Legionella bacteria will die and the biofilm, the breeding ground for Legionella, will dissolve. Unlike other techniques, this method ensures a complete Legionella safe drinking water installation. Other preventive measures, such as chemical cleaning are therefore unnecessary. The concentration of copper- and silver-ions in the water are absolutely not harmful for your health, but it is very effective against Legionella. Click below to compare different Legionella prevention techniques.

Certification for copper silver ionization

The ICA system meets all strict requirements for an electrochemical management (copper silver ionization) system. This means that the ICA system is KIWA certified on the basis of BRL K14010-1 / 2. A condition for obtaining this certificate is that the system has a KIWA ATA approval and an admission to the Ctgb. According to the Ctgb permit and the KIWA certification, the ICA system meets all requirements and the system is both safe for people and the environment and is effective in Legionella control and prevention. Thus, the ICA system can be used both defensively and preventively. Hence, to solve a Legionella contamination or to prevent an installation from becoming contaminated. Additionally, ATECA obtained governmental concession of several countries to allow the use of the ICA system as a Legionella prevention and control installation.

The drive of constant innovation for copper silver ionization

If history and the drive of human nature have taught us anything, it’s that there is always a better, more efficient solution for solving problems. At ATECA, we embrace this philosophy and make it a cornerstone of the way we conduct business on a daily basis. Therefore, we continuously design new solutions to add to our existing range of products and service offerings. With our commitment to quality, we will make sure that we continue to innovate in order to combat waterborne pathogens.

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