Giving you trust and confidence in your water supply

Since 2001, ATECA has worked hard to be one of the first providers to create Legionella safe environments in the Netherlands and abroad – thereby leading the way in Legionella prevention. With our office near the sand dunes of The Hague, close to our Dutch waters, we have always had a passion for providing clean and healthy water. Through our passion we prioritize to fight and overcome waterborne pathogens in an efficient and professional manner. A personal relationship guided by transparency and expert advice will ensure a suitable solution in Legionella prevention – ensuring protection for organizations and their people.

We create 100% Legionella safe environments

What we do

For many years, ATECA has proudly delivered Legionella safe environments for millions of people, both nationally and internationally. Our high-quality ICA system, successfully removes Legionella, biofilm, and other harmful bacteria from your water through our sustainable ionization technology. ATECA’s expert team, provides customers with reliable service and continuously monitors your system to offer the best results.

We believe in safe water for everyone

Our vision

ATECA will lead the way in providing safe drinking water for everyone, everywhere. Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation, and eco-friendly solutions, we aim to fight and overcome waterborne pathogens – giving you total confidence and trust in your water supply.

“Over the past 17 years, the ICA system has provided long lasting Legionella safe environments at more than 500 locations worldwide.”


Proven track record

The drive of constant innovation

If history and the drive of human nature have taught us anything, it’s that there is always a better, more efficient solution for solving problems. At ATECA, we embrace this philosophy and make it a cornerstone of the way we conduct business on a daily basis. Therefore, we continuously design new solutions to add to our existing range of products and service offerings. With our commitment to quality, we will make sure that we continue to innovate in order to combat waterborne pathogens.

We are active in more than 15 countries and a variety of industries