Why we still underestimate Legionella

Legionella, we all know it exists. We know it grows in water systems, especially when the water pipes are not used for a long period of time. How often do we see the warnings, especially when it gets warmer? We know legionella grows faster in rising temperatures. The advice “Flush the pipes” is getting repetitive.

How is it possible that Legionella outbreaks are not a thing of the past? How is it possible that legionella is still underestimated? The vicious cycle in which many locations find themselves is expensive. Flushing is a means of prevention, but it cannot always prevent Legionella contamination from developing in their water system. When contamination is discovered it will be followed by a source investigation, cleaning, and a management plan until legionella has totally disappeared.

Now that many locations are hit hard by corona and those same companies are at a standstill, it is difficult for many sites to maintain this clean cycle. There is less flushing because this is currently not a priority. First, locations have to keep their heads above water.

Isn’t there a way to break this cycle?

Before Corona entered the scene, Legionella was sometimes underestimated. Because flushing is such firm advice, a location expects flushing will prevent legionella, but despite being a preventive method, legionella can still develop. Sometimes locations are surprised when legionella still develops after all their efforts. “What am I doing wrong?” we are often asked. But the location isn’t doing anything wrong. Legionella can be hiding in such small corners that you can’t reach even with the best flushing plan. As a result, recontamination is often a given.

Of course, the ideal would be if locations can get out of this expensive vicious cycle and start saving money. This is possible with ATECA’s ICA system, which works based on copper-silver ionization. Our system is the only one in the Netherlands that can lower the mandatory flushing frequency in the long term. With our system with copper-silver ionisation we successfully helped already hundreds of locations and sites all over the world.

Read more about the effect of copper-silver ionisation in our knowledge base. Do you want to see a comparison between the different control techniques? Then this is possible in our section around water treatment comparison. Whenever you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us via info@ateca.nl