Copper Silver Ionisation Systems gaining momentum

The last two years have been increasingly exciting! As a leading manufacturer of copper silver ionisation systems we are experiencing a vast growth of interest in our technique and demand for our systems. Though, the technique has been around since the late 60’s and used commercially for domestic water treatment since the 90’s. Why do we see such a recent rise in the demand for copper silver ionisation systems and how can it be explained?

Obviously, momentum effects cannot be pinpointed to a single reason but encompasses a variety of explanations. Read below the 6 explanations for this momentum effect: 

Higher water temperatures

Even though some world leaders are still denying it. We have to acknowledge the fact that our world is warming up at an alarming pace. Obviously this is not restricted to our oceans and outside temperatures. Domestic water and it’s resources are warming up accordingly. As the Legionella bacteria thrives in high water temperatures it shouldn’t come as a surprise that global warming has a direct effect on the Legionella bacteria and the growing amount of contaminations. Copper silver ionisation systems are equally effective at all water temperatures. This benefit is most definitely adding to the interest of this technique.

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Increase of Legionella cases

The previous paragraph is one explanation of the growing amount of cases reported and documented. But it’s not all ascribable to higher temperatures. The use of plastic pipework in modern day construction adds to the growth because biofilm tends to attach more relentlessly to plastic than to metal pipework. Biofilm is the breeding ground and accelerator of bacterial growth like Legionella. Also, the increasing complexity of water networks in large buildings is likely to contribute to the cause. It’s a good thing that registration and documentation is becoming standard procedure in more countries around the world. As more data points become available we can keep learning from these numbers. The growth in Legionella related cases adds to the search for effective solutions like copper silver ionisation systems.

Conventional treatments are not effective

Many countries are still using chlorine or chlorine dioxide as main water treatment. Research and practice has showed that these treatments are often not effective. Especially in more complicated circumstances: installations with higher water temperatures and large complex water distribution networks. When temperatures rise, effectiveness of these techniques drop dramatically. Add the very short efficacy time and you are basically fully exposed to Legionella growth. This leads to the demand for copper silver ionisation systems which are not affected by water temperature and have a residual effect of up to two months.

Corrosion and deterioration of pipework

Apart from the disappointing results of conventional techniques, they have another disadvantage: corrosion and deterioration. When it comes to metal piping, chlorine based treatments and water treatments like hydrogen peroxide and anodic oxidation often cause corrosion issues in water distribution networks. Which, in the end, not only adds to bacterial growth but may also lead to expensive replacement works. In some cases, even plastics like PPR pipework get “eaten” by chlorine dioxide, causing leakage and damages. Copper silver ionisation systems have no negative influence on pipework. 

Health and environment

Although, it is somewhat contradictory to the global warming paragraph; nowadays, more people are concerned about health and the environment. On the contrary of what some say, copper silver ionisation systems have no negative effect on health or the environment by the levels used in our treatment. It has no smell or taste and is completely chemical free in handling and maintenance.


Being around for two decades we’ve build an impressive list of locations where our copper silver ionisation systems have provided a solution where no other treatment could. With 700+ locations within innovative industries like healthcare, hospitality, and the superyacht industry we‘ve proven effectiveness over and over again. In certain countries we can offer a Legionella safe guarantee. That is how confident we are with our copper silver ionisation systems and technique. Surely, results is part of the momentum!