Qasr al Hosn

Qasr al Hosn – Before (1950s) & After (2019)

Qasr al Hosn, the fortified palace, is Abu Dhabi’s most historic landmark, holding the first permanent building of the city; the watchtower. Today, Abu Dhabi’s oldest building is being redeveloped to become a cultural hub. ATECA is proud to contribute to the reconstruction of a piece of Abu Dhabi’s history, providing purified water to the entire building.

The watch tower of Qasr al Hosn was built around 1790 and served as an overlook on the trade routes. Over centuries, it has been called home by the ruling family. The building also used to hold the seat of government, the national archive, and a consultative council. Today, it has been transformed to a national museum and living memorial surrounded by a buzzing city and its skyscrapers.

By the end of this year, the redeveloped Qasr Al Hosn will open its doors, protecting the water quality with an ICA 300, with gratitude to the hard work of Water Bird WTC.


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