Legionella prevention
with copper silver ionisation

  • ICA system = 100% Legionella safe

  • 24/7 online insight into your ICA system
  • Harmless for health and environment
  • Non-corrosive for your water installation

  • Equal effectiveness at all water temperatures

The dutch water expert

Since 2001, ATECA is the Dutch water expert in Legionella-prevention and -control. In the past 17 years, the state of the art ICA system has proven that it removes a Legionella contamination in an efficient and sustainable way. The ICA system is a copper silver ionisation water treatment system that removes Legionella, biofilm and other harmful bacteria from your drinking water. In addition, the ATECA team offers professional support and reliable service – giving you absolute confidence and trust in your water supply.

Dutch water expert

We are active in more than 15 countries and a variety of industries

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