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As one of the first providers that create Legionella safe environments in the world, ATECA has become the leader in
the way we prevent Legionella. Since 2001 we are working hard on making Legionella contaminations a thing of the
past. It is our passion to overcome waterborne pathogens in an efficient and professional manner.

Our high-quality ICA system, successfully removes Legionella, biofilm, and other harmful bacteria from your water
through our sustainable ionization technology.  ATECA’s expert team provides customers with reliable service and
continuously monitors your system to offer the best results.

ATECA provides 700+ organisations with 100% safe water

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  • Marvin SwartMarvin SwartSenior Director Europe - Hilton Hotel

    ATECA Watercare & services, has been and still is a fantastic partnership for many years. The support given by them has been key to operate our business and business continuation. Over the years ATECA has been a lifesaver in pro actively protecting our buildings EMEA wide.

  • Benjamin CarisBenjamin CarisCoordinator Field Service - Aqua Assistance

    Ateca is a professional party that delivers high-quality products. Products usually last a long time and the maintenance on these installations is zero. In addition, it is a partner who thinks along with the customer in water management and seeks customized solutions to arrange the water management for every owner as efficiently as possible. They also deliver custom made gatekeepers, since every installation is different.
    In addition, they use a high service level!

  • Nico KamermanNico KamermanCoördinator maintenance & safety - Marente

    Guaranteed results at Ateca, with a good price, good product, good service and pleasant cooperation.

  • Shalvee SharmaShalvee SharmaSenior Estimation Engineer - Water Bird

    My favorite suppliers!
    Serving excellent products with prompt response and timely delivery always.
    Good luck to your entire team

  • Paul IjzermanPaul IjzermanProperty manager - Landal Greenparks

    We had a massive legionella problem in our bungalowpark. In june 2015 we decided to try the Copper Silver Ionisation (ICA) produced by ATECA. We couldn't be more pleased! No more legionella and no more worries. Our staff in particular is very happy about this purchase.

Break the Vicious Circle

How to deal with drinking water contaminations? There is a fair chance your organisation ends up in a vicious circle. Contamination in water leads to expensive source & site surveys, cleansing with a thermal or chemical treatment. These are followed by a standard protocol such as flushing activities and installation adjustments, but without a guarantee that the contamination problem will be solved.

Often, this leads to unnecessary costs and endless frustrations. Do you recognize this?

With the ICA system you can break this vicious circle and solve the contamination once and for all.

100% safe water
within 1 year

How do I break the vicious circle?

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