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Work from home and less need for maintenance thanks to ICA ServiceLink

Fighting legionella effectively is only possible if you have the right data at your disposal. Fortunately, our ICA System is equipped with a very advanced management and monitoring system: ICA ServiceLink. ICA ServiceLink continuously monitors the operation of the ICA system and provides service notifications when necessary. Technicians can remotely access, monitor, and adjust settings if needed. Wherever you are, water analyzes, logs, and service reports are always accessible online. Ideal, now that working from home is the norm. With ICA ServiceLink you keep full control from home so that legionella does not stand a chance during your absence.

In addition, because of the online monitoring, ATECA can reduce the number of appointments with maintenance by no less than 27.8%. Many of our installations are located in hospitals and nursing homes, where limiting contacts is very important at the moment. Because ATECA has been able to drastically reduce the needed maintenance, it has a positive effect on the number of travel movements. At ATECA, innovation is an important part of our daily work.

Thuiswerken met ATECA

Working from home with ATECA

Our mission is to help locations eradicate legionella and together create a world where drinking water is safe. Especially in times like these when many companies are having a difficult time, we like to support where we can to make it easier for our partners and customers. This approach is exactly why ATECA is at the forefront of copper silver ionisation. ATECA is the industry benchmark in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Important points of the ICA ServiceLink

ICA Servicelink is an excellent example of this. In short the main points of ICA ServiceLink at a glance:

  • The dashboard provides a clear overview of the most important information;
  • Specific communication to the customer;
  • Maintenance and sampling reports are clearly displayed
  • Guaranteeing the ionisation process and the effectiveness of the ICA system
  • Adjust the settings remotely (if necessary)

Would you like to know more about ICA ServiceLink or our ICA systems? Would you like to delve deeper into the effect of copper silver ionisation? Feel free to contact our experts! They are ready to answer all your questions.

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